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Hipwings by Vintus (Design by Wambach & Rossberg)

The problem of today's office chairs

There is a variety of office chairs in the market. They offer different mechanical systems to move while sitting. Yet, no matter what concept they deploy, users move too rarely and insufficiently on those chairs.

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The reason is the passive mechanical operating principle that all known office chairs deploy. On principle, motion can only arise, when the user performes the motion his-/herself. However, users concentrate on their work and thus make insufficient use of the options for movement with their office chairs. Even reminder functionalities do not seem to be applicable solutions for healthy office work, since they interrupt the workflow and as a consequence are being turned off.


Hipwings - the Vintus approach

The aim of Vintus is to enable concentrated work and motion at the same time. Therefore, motion options without cognitive effort are being developed. Only this approach can allow for continuous motion while concentrating on work.

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With their technology, Hipwings allow for natural motion without concentration effort. This is obtained by the combination of an intelligent software control system and motor-driven seat components. For this purpose, the motions are matched to each individual person and the current working situation.

The result is a solution for healthy office work that does not disturb the work flow. If you want to be informed about further news, please subscribe to the Vintus Newsletter .


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